Have you ever seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame?  With notorious Quasimodo sporting around a hunchback, easily described as a tortoise shell resting on the top of his back?

If you don’t incorporate the following daily techniques to keep your spine aligned you could quite possibly develop into the 21st century version of this deformed Disney character.

Stretching on a daily basis is crucial to your health.   If you don’t put your joints through their range of motion, that range slowly decreases.

It is true, that if you don’t use it, you lose it!

If you’re a pet lover I’m sure you noticed your cat or dog taking a moment to stretch after one of their many naps throughout the day.  We should model that behavior in our own lives and stretch throughout the day, everyday.

When you get out the bed in the morning, treat yourself to a few moments of serenity and stretch your body every which way you can easily and comfortably move.  When you’re sitting in the office frustrated about your co-worker, take a moment to breath, stretch, shake and let it go.  When your child plucked your last nerve, stretch a little to find your happy place.

Stretching will not only help you be able to tie your shoes when you’re seventy, it has immediate benefits as well.  It releases toxins from your muscles and helps to pump oxygen rich blood to them.  This tends to clear the mind, bring about a feeling of well being and increase your energy level.

In addition, it’s never a bad idea to treat yourself to some treatments at Fulmore Chiropractic Care that’ll assist in your flexibility and well being.  Some services available include: Spinal Rehabilitation, Massages, Therapeutic Exercises and Range of Motions tests.  Schedule an appointment today and visit our video blog for more tips!!!