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Things Your Sports Chiropractor Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Everyone experiences aches and pains, especially as you grow older. There are many ways to deal with theses pains, and one of them is to turn to a chiropractor who can help you get rid of that discomfort. Of course, we all do things that are not good for our bodies and that can hurt our backs, shoulders, and more. It can be very important to know how we can prevent injuring ourselves or causing more damage, especially for people who are active and take part in sports. The best chiropractor in Orlando has some suggestions of things you should avoid doing to prevent pain.

Wearing Wrong Shoes

The shoes you wear can make a huge difference in how you feel, whether you are a runner, or you find yourself on your feet all day. It is important to choose the right shoes, not just the ones that look good. You should get a professional to size your feet correctly so that there are no questions about size, and you should definitely as a sports chiropractor about the shoes they recommend for athletes and active people.

Not Asking Questions

With Orlando chiropractic care, one of the things that bother chiropractors most is when patients come in and do not tell them everything they are feeling. Doctors cannot guess at what aches and pains you have, which is why you should always be open with the doctor. Some people find this is easier to do if they write down some of the things they have experienced during the week, so consider this option.

Static Stretches Before Running

This is another issue that a place like Fulmore Chiropractic wants people to know. If you are a runner, you should take the time to stretch, but it should be dynamic stretching, not static. When you do static stretches, your muscles are not sending the right signals to your brain, which in the long run can mean ending up with minor injuries. Lunges and squats are the right kind of exercise to warm up your muscles before a run.

Avoiding Getting Help

Many athletes think that they need to work through pain, and while this may be the case in some instances, it is important to know the difference between normal aches and actual pain. If you find that it hurts more and more every day to do a certain movement, you need to see a doctor. Do not leave it until you have done serious damage to yourself.

Fulmore Chiropractic is full of experts who are willing to help you if you are experiencing pain or discomfort while or after exercising. Listen to your body but most of all, listen to the experts to ensure that you are always safe, no matter how active you are.

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